Teacher:  Frank Vecchio - Fitness & Wellness
    E-mail: frvecchio@exetersd.org
    Room #: Weight Room A
    Parent Information
    Strength and Conditioningis an elective to the physical education curriculum. The students should leave the program with the skills, knowledge, and desire to participate in a physically active lifestyle. The class has an emphasis on weight training but will also expose students to other types of physical activity. Students and parents must understand that the course is designed to challenge them daily. With this in mind, nutrition is very important to maximize performance. Students need to eat a "healthy" breakfast 60 minutes before class in the morning.
    The weight training exercises and routines are based on the National Strength and Conditioning Association's (NSCA) Guidelines.  All exercises taughtand performed are through NSCA Guidelines. In addition, it is imperative all students listen precisely to instruction.  This is especially important when instructor gives specific individual instruction. 
    Please note that theft is a problem in every school across the country. Students should not bring any itemsof value to school. If they do, they should give these items to their instructor before class.
    About Mr. Vecchio
    I graduated with honors from Ursinus College in the spring of 2001 with a degree in Exercise Science.Upon graduating, I played football professionally in Europe before I started my teaching career here at Exeter in the fall of 2001. I then graduated from Gratz College with a Master's in Education in the Spring of 2005. 
    In addition to teaching, I have developed and implemented an exercise program for children ages 4-9 called Kids N Motion. The emphasis of this program is for kids to have fun through physical activity.  Outside of the fitness realm, I  perform all types of home remodeling for fun. 
    When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Bridgette, and our three daughters; Olivia, Georgia belle, and Coralina.
    Interesting Facts about Mr. V.
    * Most of my family is in education:
    -my wife, Dr. Bridgette, school psychologist, Vecchio & Hain Psychological Services
    -my dad, Mick Vecchio, Math teacher and head football coach at Governor Mifflin
       (I had him for Math in 7th grade
    and again in 11th, oh what fun)
      -my Uncle Frank, retired superintendent, Reading School District, current Alvernia professor
      -my older brother Mike, Physical Education, Wyomissing School District
      -my young brother Docc, Physical Education, Governor Mifflin
      -my mother-in-law, Faith Delp, Family and Consumer Science, Reading 
       School District
      -my sister-in-law, Dennise Heckman,  former Art Teacher, Conrad Weiser High School

    * I speak at numerous conferences and clinics on various topics related to Strength
       and Conditioning.

    * I built the house we currently live in (it took 3 years of working almost every night
       and  every weekend).

    * I am a member of the Ursinus College Hall of Fame for athletics.