• Picture of two poison dart frogs
    Name: Miss Lori Soraparu
    Phone: (610) 790-3060 ext. 2714
    Room # N214
    Welcome to my Teacher Page!
    Hello, my name is Lori Soraparu. I provide instruction in biology and environmental science at Exeter Twp. Senior High School.  I also serve as the advisor to the Exeter Eagles Environmental (E3) club. 
    Throughout my career, I have enjoyed teaching and sharing my interest in science and the environment with others. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Shepherd University in Park Management with a minor in natural science. Following graduation, I embarked on a career as a park ranger for the National Park Service and  had the wonderful opportunity to serve at a number of national parks throughout the country including Acadia, Shenandoah, Grand Teton, Olympic and Independence National Historical Park.   I also worked as a park ranger at Blue Marsh Lake Recreation Area which is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As a ranger, my work included nature/historical interpretation, resource management and law enforcement. 
    My interest in nature interpretation led me to pursue a degree in science education at Penn State University. Upon graduation I began working for the Exeter Twp. School District. With the start of the 2018-2019 school year, I begin my 23rd year of teaching at our high school.
    In addition to being a member of the science department, I also serve as the advisor to the Exeter Eagles' Environmental Club (E3 Club). Our club provides opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, kayaking, indoor rock climbing, as well as nature study.  For club members who enjoy academic competition, there is the opportunity to participate in the annual Berks County Envirothon.  The Envirothon is a national competition in which students academically compete in five categories: aquatics, forestry, wildlife, soils, and a specialty category that is chosen anew each year.
    My hobbies include kayaking, hiking, camping, biking, backpacking, fishing and cross country skiing as well as travelling.  The photo included here was one taken of poison arrow dart frogs during the summer of 2007 when I participated in a teacher training course on biodiversity in Costa Rica.
    I look forward to a year of successes in helping our students grow academically, personally and socially. 
    I encourage both students and parents to contact me if there are issues they would like to discuss.
    Class Supplies needed for Biology:
    * 3-ring Binder (minimum of 1-1/2")
    * Book cover (may be paper or fabric)
    Class Supplies needed for Environmental Science: 
    * 3-ring Binder (minimum of 1-1/2") 
    * Book cover (may be paper or fabric) 
    *50 page bound composition book/notebook/journal - pages must be lined 
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