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    Matthew Hummer
    Latin I, II, III, IV
    American Literature
    Writing for the 21st Century 
    Latin Club
    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 
    I am teaching Latin 1-4, American Literature, and Writing for the 21st Century this year. I am also in charge of the Latin Club. In all of our classes we will use our Chromebooks. I will ask the students to hand in printed assignments on paper. Please, do not share on the computer.
    Latin 1: Introduction to the grammar, vocabulary, sounds systems, and culture of ancient Rome. Since the majority of English words more than 2 syllables are Latin-rooted, a basic foundation in this language pays dividends both in standardized testing and in the ability to read textbooks in college. Our text is Ecce Romani.
    Latin 2: We continue with the readings in the Ecce Romani series and in Using Latin. We delve more deeply into culture and history. We read some authentic texts, like Tacitus and Caesar. We write in Latin regularly.
    Latin 3:  Advancing to Ecce Romani 2. Scansion (Aeneid.) Writing in Latin.
    Latin 4: Scansion, advanced grammar, literature: Virgil, Catullus, etc. 
    American Literature: A survey of literature from Native American through the Modern era. We cover movements such as American Gothic, Transcendentalism, Realism, etc.
    Writing for the 21st Century: A focus on producing writing. We study Journalism/Dispatches, with special attention on the Instagram work of Neil Shea, study and produce observation-based Nature Writing, begin a novel (NANO), consider the current forms of the Memoir and hybrid genres, and submit our best work to literary journals and the Scholastics Art and Writing competition. Last year, our first year in the contest, several students won awards for their writing.
    Latin Club runs the largest high school food drive in the county. We contribute to both the Exeter Food Pantry and the Greater Berks Food Bank.
    B.A. English Literature, Loyola University in MD
    M.A. Latin, Villanova University
    M.F.A. Creative Writing, Sewanee, The University of the South
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