Robert Darrah
    Technology Education Dept.

    This is what I do.  
    My classroom tends to mimic my own life, in a way.
    I have always wanted to be a teacher, but my overall path to the classroom has been full of twists and changes. During my undergraduate work at Kutztown University, studying Secondary Education/Social Studies, I began working construction to help make ends meet. Couple this with a family background in woodworking and furniture, I eventually found myself working a variety of creative, construction oriented jobs before finding myself starting my actual teaching career in a high school tech ed department. Since then, I have had to opportunity to become a part of the Exeter faculty. Here, I hope to continue to help students prepare themselves for their own futures.
    I believe that hands-on, technical skills are necessary for a student to develop into a well rounded, self-sufficient adult. 
    The courses that I currently teach are: Manufacturing Systems I and II, Residential Construction, and Metal I