• Eagles Homework Hotline (tutoring)      
    Tutoring support

    The Homework Hotline is a student run opportunity for Eagles to help Eagles. The virtual Hotline will occur through an Exeter Zoom meeting space.  Tutors will be Senior High students who have volunteered to tutor and have shown to be excellent role models in our community.  Student tutors will provide one on one academic support to students that need help.  To improve the security of the Zoom room the Hotline can only be accessed using an Exeter student’s credentials.  While the Hotline is overseen by the school, it is important to note that student volunteers will staff the Hotline and there is NO direct supervision during Zoom tutor sessions by a staff member.  

    Students can use this Zoom link to access the tutoring Hotline for help with their homework, studying or independent assignments as needed Monday - Friday from 1:30 - 5:00.  They may log onto this link during that time as long as they are not in a live Zoom class.  If you would like to set up a scheduled weekly time with a tutor, please email your child's school counselor to schedule a recurring session.

    All students are required to have a permission slip completed by a parent or guardian prior to attending tutoring.  Parent/Students should select this link below to fill out the online permission slip or to verify they have already filled out the permission slip.   

    Submiting the form or verifying the form was perviosuly submitted will take you to the link for the Homework Hotline. 
    Permission Slip and Verification of Permission: Exeter Homework Hotline Online Permission Slip 




    If you have questions or would like to schedule a reoccurring fixed tutoring time please contact the appropriate person listed below:

    Reiffton Grade 5 or 6
    Reiffton School Counselor, A-K Mrs. Rheaume: alrheaume@exetersd.org
    Reiffton School Counselor, L-Z Mrs. Atkinson: kmatkinson@exetersd.org
    Reiffton Assistant Principal, Mrs. Devlin: msdevlin@exetersd.org

    JHS Grade 7 or 8
    JHS Assistant Principal, Mr. Alcaro: jaalcaro@exetersd.org
    JHS School Counselor, Ms. Shaw: krshaw@exetersd.org 
    JHS School Counselor, Mrs. Calaman: sdcalaman@exetersd.org

    SHS Tutor Supervision
    Senior High School Assistant Principal, Mr. Deane: jbdeane@exetersd.org