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Ms. Coe

Hello 5th graders and families!

I am excited to work with you all during this 2020-2021 school year!

I know that we are starting the school year virtually, but it's important that we all realize virtual school is still school. Everyone has the same responsibilities to try their best, complete their work, and be kind to one another both in the physical classroom and online.

I will be your ELA, Math, and Social Studies teacher. You will be taught these subjects through engaging learning methods online. There will be opportunities for you to work on assignments on your own, meet with me in a small group setting, and meet with your entire class. We will be using Zoom for virtual learning. Do not worry, I will walk you through all of the different programs and how to use them so you are confident! 

Let's have a wonderful school year Eagles! 

Ms. Coe 


 "Great things come from hardwork and perseverance." -Kobe Bryant