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    Welcome, Class of 2034! We can't wait to meet you in the fall! This page was put together by our teachers to help you get ready for Kindergarten!


  • Concepts of Print and Book Handling

    Posted by Mary Firestone on 8/12/2020 8:00:00 AM

    This week our videos are centered around books, how to handle them with care, and the first things we teach and learn about reading, we call that concept of print.  


    In our first video, Mrs. Okonski explains to our future kindergarteners how to hold a book and the different parts that a book has.  

    Parts of a book explained by Mrs. Okonski


    In the second video, Mrs. Macrina explains to families about the concept of print and how to instill the love of reading for your children even before they begin school.  

    Concept of print for families


    Lastly, we have Mr. Ousley reading the book Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Farm and while he reads to you, he will also highlight some of the new things we learned from Mrs. Okonski.  

    Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Farm



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  • Listening Skills and Following Directions

    Posted by Mary Firestone on 8/7/2020

    This week we are joined by Mrs. Mary Firestone with some ideas and tips for improving and practicing your kindergarteners listening skills.  She also shares two links that you can print out and work on.  The first is a directed drawing of an apple tree and the second is a QR code listening activity that will have your child discover the number one. 


    Mrs. Firestone speaks to the kindergarten students explaining that listening is important to become an amazing kindergartener.  

    Listening with Kinders


    Mrs. Firestone gives some tips and games that you can do at home or in the car to work on your child's listening skills.  

    Message to parents


    Directed drawing of an apple tree

    Listen and Learn about the number 1

    For the listen and learn activity you will need a QR code reader.  There are many free QR readers available. 

     Mrs. Weisser, the Lorane Elementary reading specialist reads us a very funny story "Click, Clack, Quack to School".  Find out what happens when Farmer Brown takes his animals to an elementary school.  

    Click, Clack, Quack to School



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  • Kindergarten Academy: Recognizing Letters

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/31/2020

    Letters, letters everywhere! When students are learning to read, there is a lot of brain work to understand how the letters are shaped and sized.  That's 26 complicated shapes to learn and discern! In this week's blog we will be exploring letters with lots of our Kindergarten Friends!  



    First, Mrs. Bitler, one of our Reading Specialists, reads aloud a book all about Kindergarten!

    Mrs. Bitler reads K is for Kindergarten


    The next videos are called EdPuzzles. They contain videos which, at times, promote interactive questions. You'll see these in Kindergarten as well!  In the first, Mrs. Vogt shares an activity for students to practice with letters! The additional EdPuzzles are some more fun ways to practice with letter recognition activities to support summer learning!

    Mrs. Vogt helps students practice with Letter Recognition

    Jack Hartman and the Alphabet Song

    Jack Hartman and Uppercase Letters

    Jack Hartman and Lowercase Letters


    Finally, the last video is Mrs. Macrina explains some tips and tricks for our parents and caregivers to help with recognizing letters.  

    Letter recognition for families 

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  • Kindergarten Academy: Meet a Principal

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/24/2020


    Masked Child

    Meet our Lorane Principal, Mr. Isselmann, as he talks about one of our most important safety measures for the fall. 

    Mr. Isselmann talks about the importance of masks. 

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  • Kindergarten Academy: Shapes and Colors

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/17/2020

    Two areas for Kindergarten learning that are fun and easy to practice in the summertime include knowledge of shapes and colors! Join us as we share ideas and resources to help your incoming student practice these skills through fun learning opportunities!


    First, join Mrs. Druzba as we learn about colors for describing and some of the first words we will learn to read in Kindergarten! This video is for students as Mrs. Druzba helps us understand each color and where we can find those colors in our world.

    Mrs. Druzba teaches us the basic colors 



    Join Mrs. Krommes as we sing our way through the color words!

    Mrs. Krommes helps us learn a song to remember the colors


    These are some of our favorite books for learning about colors:

    • Freight Train
    • A Color of His Own
    • Mouse Paint
    • Kitten:  Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Planting a Rainbow
    • Dog’s Colorful Day
    • Lemons are NOT Red
    • Bear Sees Colors
    • How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?
    • Blue Hat, Green Hat
    • Black Bird, Yellow Sun
    • Color Dance
    • Green
    • I Love Colors
    • Mix It Up!


    Next, we move into shapes as Mrs. Druzba teaches us the basic shapes in this child-friendly video.

    Mrs. Druzba teaches the basic shapes.


    Mrs. Krommes teaches us a song to remember our shapes in this video!

    Mrs. Krommes shares a shape song


    Here are some of our favorite shape books:

    • Sea Shapes
    • City Shapes
    • Mouse Shapes
    • Shape by Shape
    • Ship Shapes
    • The Shape of Things
    • Skippyjon Jones Shape Up
    • The Greedy Triangle
    • Color Zoo
    • Color Farm
    • My Very First Book of Shapes
    • Not a Box
    • Brown Rabbit’s Shapes

    Finally, Mrs. Salvatore shares a book about Shapes in Mice on Ice.

    Mrs. Salvatore's Shape Read Aloud

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  • Kindergarten Academy: Move those Muscles!

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/7/2020


    In addition to growing our brain muscles, Kindergarten is a big time for building the fine and gross motor skills we call our "little muscles and big muscles."  Our little  muscles help us open packages at lunch, hold a pencil for writing, and tie our shoes. Our big muscles help our coordination and ability to play. Meet some more of our Kindergarten Teachers as they help us flex all of our muscles!


    Gross & Fine Motor


    We begin with Mrs. Firestone explaining to our new kinders what our big and small muscles are.  

    Mrs. Firestone's big and small muscles


    Check out the great ideas Ms. Stein shares for building both small and gross motor skills! Tons and tons of ideas for activities to keep kids engaged with the activities that help build little muscles in our hands for writing and our big muscles for moving and playing! 

    Ms. Stein moving our big and small muscles 

    List of Resources from this video


    Next, Join Mr. Ousley as he does a read aloud that's bound to get everybody up and moving along with all the great action in the alphabet!

    Mr. Ousley reads aloud Oops Pounce Quick Run! An Alphabet Caper by Mike Twohy


    One of our favorite sites is GoNoodle. There is an app available but you can also go to youtube.com to subscribe to their channel. Here's one to get you started: 

    Get up and dance with "Banana, Banana, Meatball"

    We also love these channels: Indoor Recess, Zumba Kids, Empower Tools, The Champiverse for rainy days when you can't get outside to run, jump, and play!


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  • Kindergarten Academy: Hop Along and Count with Us!

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/2/2020

    While we often think about our reading and literacy activities, it's easy to forget the importance of early numeracy! Here are some of our amazing Kindergarten teachers, back again this week, with lots of activities to help our young scholars work on counting, number recognition, and thinking how each number represents things when we count



    Hop along with Mrs. Druzba as she demonstrates how to count up and down a number line! This activity is for kids but would benefit from a caregiver or parent nearby to help make the number line. This foundational skill will help students begin to make sense of how numbers work in sequence.


    Mrs. Druzba counts along a number line


    Next, learn about a 10-frame and how those will have an important place in our classrooms learning this year. Included is a printable you can use at home.  Mrs. Heiser provides lots of ideas for creating a 10-frame outdoors as well! You can even go outside and practice with chalk and objects to coung!


    Mrs. Hiser helps us write our nubers


    Printable: 10-Frame


    Mrs. Krommes shares with us a great song to remember how to form all of the numbers when writing. This activity is great with a white board and dry erase marker, especially good for a long car ride if a device is available.


    Mrs. Krommes and the Number Song


    Next, Mrs. Salvatore and Mrs. Bush share some read-alouds to help us remember our counting and numbers!


    Mrs. Salvatore reads One Frog Sang


    Mrs. Bush reads Ten Black Dots


    Here are some additional books you might want to check out in your summer reading to help with numbers!

    • How Do Dinosaurs Count to 10?
    • Click, Clack, Splish, Splash
    • Olivia Counts
    • Chicka Chicka 123
    • 100 Hungry Ants
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    • Fish Eyes
    • Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
    • 5 Little Ducks
    • Ten Apples Up on Top 


    Last but not least, to support making learning lots of fun, here are some game ideas to help keep brains engaged with numbers and number sense all summer long!

    Number Games


    Keep counting while you stay cool!!


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  • Kindergarten Academy: Sounds, sounds, sounds!

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 6/26/2020

    Nursery Rhymes

    Nursery Rhymes are just one way to bolster kids ability to play with and manipulate sounds, a building block skill for all early readers! Here is a link to audio (with printable lyrics available) of 33 Nursery Rhymes to get you started (or refresh your memory!) Click the pink notes to hear each song.

    33 Nursery Rhyme Songs


    Another friendly face joins us this week as some of our Kindergarten friends from Owatin Creek help us learn about sounds and how to help students this summer. Mrs. Murphy explains ways we can support students in noticing the sounds in the words we say. Skills for phonemic awareness help children understand how we can manipulate sounds to make words and connect our spoken language and sounds to letters in print as students begin to read. This video provides several ideas for parents and caregivers to practice as part of our daily activities. 

    Mrs. Murphy's Helpful Ideas for Beginning Sounds


    Next, settle in with your student and watch this video for kids to practice our listening skills and think about sounds! Mrs. Murphy helps us hear the sounds in our name. 

    Beginning Sounds Fun with Mrs. Murphy


    Also, Mrs. Worchal shares a rhyming book and plays a rhyming game to help us practice hearing our ending sounds.

    Rhyme Time with Mrs. Worchal


    Then, Mrs. Worchal provides parents and caregivers with ideas for rhyming games to play on any old summer day!

    Resources for Rhyming 


    Don't miss Mrs. Rothbard sharing a read-aloud of Kit's Banana Splits! 

    Mrs. Rothbard practices rhyming with a read-aloud


    Any chance you have to work on sounds with your child benefit their early literacy skills! Sing nursery rhymes, find rhymes in the world around us, play with silly words at dinner! A fun "workout" is always the best way to grow our Kindergarten muscles!  




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  • Kindergarten Academy: Name Writing

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 6/18/2020

    Welcome back to the Kindergarten Academy Page. As you and your child think about the skills for success entering Kindergarten, learn about an important first step: Name Writing.  In this video, Mrs. Young teaches children how to navigate the lines of the writing paper used in Kindergarten to understand letter placement when writing.

    Name Writing with Mrs. Young

    PRINTABLE: Name Writing Practice Paper


    Then, follow along and keep practicing all summer long!  Mrs. Firestone shares ideas, geared towards parents and caregivers, to keep kids busy at home or on the go.  The ideas she shares will reinforce learning letters within the child's name, practicing skills that will be used throughout kindergarten, and using manipulatives to keep learning fun!

    Name Writing Practice with Mrs. Firestone


    Finally, watch and listen as Mrs. Moyer shares a read-aloud of a great book about letters! 

    Mrs. Moyer's Read-Aloud


     Stay tuned for next week!

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  • Introducing the Kindergarten (Virtual) Academy

    Posted by Melissa Devlin on 6/16/2020

    Since we couldn't meet our youngest Exeter Eagles in person this spring, we wanted to share with you all of the great tips and tricks our staff has to help your child prepare for Kindergarten. Each week we will share a new topic related to Kindergarten Readiness skills for you and your child. There will be a lesson directly for children to watch, then some follow-up tips and ideas for parents and caregivers. Our amazing reading and intervention specialists will also share read-alouds to go with each week's topic. Stay tuned and check back often! 

    To get started, learn about some of our teachers' favorite websites for those chilly or rainy days when we can't get outside to play! 

    Kindergarten Academy: Summer Websites


    For upcoming Summer Academy lessons and information, here are ideas to gather your learning supplies

    Kindergarten Academy: Gathering Supplies for Summer

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