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Lorane Elementary Student Assistance Program

  • What is a Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

    Exeter Township School District partners with the Caron Foundation to support a Student Assistant Program (SAP).  Caron is a national leader in supporting children and adults with drug, alcohol, and/or mental health issues.  SAP is a process in which we, the school, can help to identify and support students who may be struggling academically, socially, and/or emotionally.


    At Lorane, a core group of staff members works closely to review the needs of our students.  We review referrals that are submitted by staff members or families.  When a student is referred to SAP, it starts a process of review, assessment, and recommendation.  This process can help us determine what supports would best benefit a student and/or the student's family, supports that will help the student overcome academic, social, and/or emotional barriers.


    How does the process work?

    First, a referral is made to the SAP team.  These referrals are confidential and can be anonymous.  Our SAP team reviews the information presented, discusses possible solutions, and, if appropriate, recommends an educational parent meeting with our staff and our Caron SAP specialist.  There are a variety of options that the team will consider, including classroom interventions, a parent conference, school counseling support, small group support, and/or an educational parent meeting.


    The educational parent meetings are completed by a trained Caron professional.  If we are recommending an educational parent meeting, we will discuss that step with the parent.  Information gleaned from that conversation will support the Caron representative in making recommendations to the family.  


    What do I do if I have a concern about a student?

    If there is an immediate concern about a student's safety, please contact the school directly at 610-582-8608 or, if applicable, call 9-1-1.  For all other concerns, consider submitting a SAP Referral form.  This information will be sent directly and confidentially to our SAP team members for review.  


    What if I still have questions about SAP?

    Please contact the school directly at 610-582-8608 to speak with Ted Isselmann, Principal or Emily Seeberger, School Counselor.  


    SAP Referral Form for Staff

    SAP Referral Form for Parent/Guardians