• K-6 Language Arts Curriculum
     All K-6 English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum has been aligned to the PA Core and the Common Core State Standards.  You will find each grade-level curriculum for the four marking periods with both the standards and "I can" learning targets for students.
    The Common Core and PA Core Standards in ELA are as follows:
    Reading Standards for Literature: RL
    Reading Standards for Informational Text: RI
    Reading Standards for Foundational Skills: RF
    Writing: Narrative, Informative/Explanatory, and Opinion/Argument: W
    Speaking and Listening Standards: SL
    Language Standards: L
    ETSD Reading Benchmarks
    Reading benchmarks lay out a continuum of expected literacy growth and are taken several times during the school-year in grades K-6 and in grades 7-8 full-year reading. 
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