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    Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Coding is the instructions that tell your computer how to do all the helpful things they do for you. Your browser, your Operating System, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they're all made with code. You can learn to code by starting with a short, simple program. The links below will take you to games that teach you how to code.

    Coding.org Course 1 Link



     Code.org Course 1 - for early readers

     Code.org Course 2 Link

     Code.org Course 2 - for students who can read

     Kodable Link

     Kodable - Pre-reader to Grade 5

     Puppy Adventures Link

     Puppy Adventure - Pre-reader to Grade 5

     Flappy Bird Link

     Flappy Birds - Grade 2 & up

     Star Wars Link

     Star Wars - Grade 2 & up

     PlayLab Link

     Play Lab - Grade 2 & up

     DragonDash Link

     Dragan Dash - Grades 2 to 8

     Coding with Anna & Elsa Link

     Coding with Anna & Elsa - Grade 4 & up

     Santa Tracker Presents Link

     Santa Tracker Presents - All ages

     Santa Tracker Dancers Link

     Santa Tracker Dancers - All ages

    Link to Made with Code

    Made with Code - All ages

     Hour of Code Website Link

     Hour of Code Website - All ages