• Civil Engineering & Architecture
           CEA is an advanced course for students interested in the fields of Civil Engineering and/or Architecture.  To take this course, students are required to successfully complete IED and POE with an 80% or better and have instructor approval.  In this course, students are asked to design a Habitat for Humanity affordable home.  During this design, they perform calculations dealing with heat loss/gain through the structure, storm water drainage, water supply, etc.  They will complete a full set of architectural drawings as well as research the site, LEED credits, universal design, and floor planning best practices.
          In addition to the affordable home design, they will complete a commercial renovation on a library.  Similar to the affordable home, they will create a full set of architectural drawings along with the research listed above.  The calculations are centered around structural efficiency of the steel framing.  Other topics in the course include architectural history, house styles, career opportunities, and model building.