• Frequently Asked Questions 
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    Why are Spring sports not included in the yearbook? 
    Several reasons. 
    1) Our main focus is to accommodate to the graduating Seniors. We try to have the printed yearbook delivered to us by the second week in May so that we can distribute the books to the Seniors (and underclassmen) so they can get their friends and teachers to sign their books. This decision makes us unable to get all the Spring Sports and other school events like Prom and Graduation into the main book, causing us to have an additional 16 page insert that can be purchased in addition to the yearbook.
    2) If we put the Spring sports and events like graduation in, the books would have to be delivered over the summer and then shipped to Seniors homes or the Seniors would have to come into the school and pick up their books. If shipped directly to the homes of graduated Seniors, the cost would increase significantly for the school (causing the prices of the books to go up even more!)
    3) Deadlines are given to us by our publisher. These deadlines must be met and if they are not, the books may not be printed and delivered on time. Our publisher is nationwide (and global to my understanding). They print and ship thousands of yearbooks every year and if deadlines are not met, delivery can be pushed back.
    Why is there an insert? 
    1) To cover the Spring Sports and Events that don't get into the main book (due to publishing, distribution and delivery deadlines).
    2) The Sports seasons are not done by my last yearbook deadline on March 26th. This prevents me from putting in complete records, scores and statistics.  
    What type or quality of insert is provided?
    It is a high-quality, 16-page, full color insert with a sticky tab that can be inserted in the back of the book after the index. It covers all spring sports, the spring play, prom and graduation.
    When do the students receive the insert? 
    The insert is designed and proofed in September of the next school year because my yearbook staff does not get all of the information they need to complete the insert before school is out. It takes them about a month to design, write, layout, get quotes, proof, fact-check, and submit prints to the publisher before it is printed and shipped to us at the high school. 
    Then we must purchase envelopes and write the addresses on them, for the seniors who just graduated. This is sent to the administration building where stamps are put on to be sent in the mail.
    The rest of the inserts who were purchased by underclassmen get passed out during the next homeroom at school. 
    In short... the inserts are typically handed out in mid to late October. 
    How much is the insert?
    Around 16 dollars. Prices vary from year to year if publishing and shipping costs increase.
    I paid for 1/8 ad with baby picture. Do I send in the paragraph and picture to you?
    Yes, paragraphs and pictures need to be sent to me one of three ways. 
    1) If you have a digital picture you can send it in an email attachment to me and then write your copy in the email... this is the fastest method for me because I will be receiving at least 100 ads of various sizes.... and my students will have to type up your copy and scan each picture in which takes a little longer.
    My email is jmwhite@exeter.k12.pa.us 
    2) Send to me in the mail to the high school... put ATTENTION: YEARBOOK CLUB on the envelope so I know who is who.
    Make sure you include the last name the ad was purchased under so I can double check with the online sale purchase.
    3) Have your son or daughter hand the envelope to me in room G11 with their appropriate information on it. 
    Will I get the picture back? 
    Yes. Typically towards the end of the school year or in your son or daughter's graduation information and or diploma.
    Where do I pick up my book if I bought one last year?
    Pick up your book in Mr. White's room G11. I have a master list to check to see if you purchased a book.
    Can I purchase previous year's yearbooks?
    Yes you can. I for certain have extras of the following years: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. I also have some extras of books from the 2000s, the 1990s and the 1980s but of a limited quality. Remember yearbooks are once in a lifetime prints, so it's important that you buy them when you can!
    If you are interested in purchasing an old yearbook email Mr. White at jmwhite@exeter.k12.pa.us
    Where do I select my senior pictures for the yearbook?
    After you get your senior pictures taken from life touch at the high school, you will receive a login and password in the mail to a website from life touch (called Prestige portraits). This will get you into the website where you can view your pictures. Select your favorite pose (girls must have a black drape and a blue gray background, and boys must have a black tux and blue gray background)... 
     make sure you did not select a picture with your hands in the picture, props of any kind like guitars or a football, or with you in your cap and gown. 
    When I go for my appointment, what time will they be ending/finishing the last appointment time?
    8 pm (ish) is when the last photos will be taken.
    ​Do you happen to know about how long it would take (during my turn)?​ 
    Your turn should only take 15 minutes.... maybe a little more if you want a lot of different poses.
    Do I have to bring the paper with the order(s) if we are buying some? 
    You can bring them. (Life touch probably prefers that)... but if you don't they will most likely send you a bill.
    You should also be able to purchase your pictures online at a later date too (if you can't pay right away).
    How many poses are there and what's the prices?
    There are probably a minimal of 3 or 4 poses (tuxedo for boys, drape for girls, left and right poses, maybe a cap and gown)... but there can be others should you choose them.
    Prices vary... cheapest package is around $10 or $15 dollars (just your yearbook pose and a few basic left/right poses).
    Then there are more expensive options if you want.
    But remember, this is only for your yearbook picture... you could get other senior pictures taken somewhere else if you want too (but they won't be in the book). Again it's up to you... but at minimum, this is for your senior picture FOR yearbook.