7th and 8th Grade Band

  • Course Description:

    The concert band is an academic class which meets daily and is open to all students who wish to pursue music through the world of band music.  The ensembles are dedicated to quality musical performance through the finest age appropriate literature available.  The class focuses on improved instrumental skills as well as historical facts about music, basic music theory, ear training and a high concentration on teamwork.


    Course Objectives: 

    • Students will develop a greater appreciation of music through band performance
    • Students will be able to perform literature of a grade 1 – 3 level with focus on expressive and technical demands
    • Students will explore the construction of the music as well as its historical significance
    • Through the blending of emotional and technical demands, students will develop deeper critical listening and performing skills appropriate for their age level
    • Students, through good performance, will develop proper etiquette and concert behavior


    Outside Musical Opportunities:

    • Jr. High County Band (auditions held in February)
    • Jr. High Jazz Band (spring semester)

    More information will be available for these and other opportunities as the year progresses.

    Grading Policy:

    • Each rehearsal is worth 5 general points awarded for being prepared to learn and staying on task during the rehearsal
    • Playing exams will be administered at the end of each quarter.  This is NOT a comparison of players but a mark to evaluate individual progress
    • Performances will be graded on attendance and proper concert behavior
    • Bi-weekly recording and listening homework assignments


    Concerts for the Junior High school are held in the High School auditorium 



    Concert Attire:


    Blue polo shirt and khaki pants