• books Accelerated Reader (AR) is an independent reading program and an important component of the ELA curriculum.  Students will be able to self-select an AR book based on scores from the STAR assessment. Students can select fiction and nonfiction AR books; regular library visits will be scheduled for each class.  Students will be given approximately 30 minutes each Monday and Friday in class to read AR books.  Additionally, students should read approximately 20 minutes each evening. Once a student finishes a book, an independent assessment on the book shall be taken.  Students will be required to earned AR points based on a teacher-designed rubric with student-driven goals.  The librarian, Mrs. Sowers, is a great resource for the AR component of the ELA curriculum.  The AR program allows for student-choice in learning to meet all students' learning needs. Click on this link for a more detailed explanation of the program more details
    Check-in Dates: 
    First Marking Period:
    • check-in #1 - 10/7/19 (no count)
    • check-in #2 - 10/28/19 (scored on student-selected rubric)
    Second Marking Period:
    • check-in #1 - 11/18/19
    • check-in #2 - 12/16/19
    • check-in #3 - 1/13/20
    Third Marking Period:
    • check-in #1 - 2/3/2020
    • check-in #2 - 3/2/2020
    • check-in #3 - 3/23/2020
    Fourth Marking Period
    Next library visits: 1/27, 2/24, 3/16
    Click the links below for some book options