Role of the School Counselor



Degrees and Certifications:

Role of the School Counselor


Group Counseling
I provide small counseling groups for students in all grade levels.  Small groups are held throughout the school year and last approximately 8 sessions.  Session topics vary based on the needs of the students and include topics related to social skills, family changes, school performance, and feelings. Students may be referred by parent, teacher, or myself.  Group participation requires parent permission.
Individual Counseling
I am available to listen to and provide support for students individually when they have emotional, social, or behavioral needs that effect performance in school.  Students may choose to visit me on their own, or as a referral from their teacher or parent. 
Classroom Character Education
Throughout the school year I visit classrooms to teach guidance lessons in all grades K-4. I visit the Kindergarten classrooms at the start of the school year to help with the transition to elementary school. In first grade, students learn how to identify their feelings and express emotions appropriately.  In second grade, students practice getting along with others and how to solve problems with friends or classmates.  In third grade, students continue to practice getting along with others as the topic shifts to bullying.  Students learn how to identify bullying behaviors and how to cope with bullies.  In fourth grade students learn about student differences, goal setting, and positive peer interactions. 
I am also here to provide support for faculty and parents related to helping their students be successful.  I am a member of our school's Child Study Team which helps identify solutions to students' academic, emotional, and/or behavioral needs.

PSSA Building Coordinator 
As PSSA Coordinator, I organize and manage PSSA materials for our building. For more information on the PSSA please visit The Pennsylvania Department of Education Website at the following link: