• How do I get to the Review/Preview Assignments? Homework Help?

    Posted by Jayme Raffauf on 8/24/2015

    Review/Preview can be found on Schoology and it is listed daily.

    Review/Preview assignments can also be found using the online textbook or by going to CPM website using this link: http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC2

    **Please note that not all of the problems in the textbook are assigned each night, so please use the documents in the packet, as well as referencing the documents uploaded in Schoology for the most accurate set of problems assigned.**

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  • How can I get extra help for my child?

    Posted by Jayme Raffauf on 8/24/2015

    I am available for extra help after school from 2:30-3pm most days except for Thursdays. I encourage students to make arrangements ahead of time with me due to frequent meetings that occur at 2:30pm. If your child participates in a sport or acitivity after school I can still meet with them and then I will write them a pass to go to practice late.

    A Parent Guide is available for the course (CC2) and can be accesed via the CPM website or this link: http://cpm.org/cc2-parent-guide/ 

    The "Helpful Links" tab is a great resource for extra help as well.

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  • When are parent conferences?

    Posted by Jayme Raffauf on 8/24/2015

    Fall Parent Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, November 14 at 5:30pm.

    Spring Parent Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, April 3 at 5:30pm.


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  • How can I get to the Online Textbook?

    Posted by Jayme Raffauf on 8/24/2015

    Access to the online textbook can be found using this link: http://ebooks.cpm.org

    Each student will be registering a username and password for this textbook. This username and password will be the same as what they use for all other sign ins for their chromebook.

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  • How can I help my student succeed in Math class?

    Posted by Jayme Raffauf on 8/24/2015

    Parents are essential to students being successful in any class.

    You should be seeing your child's Review/Preview checklist/log, which is the first page of the packet given at the start of each chapter. If students do not have their Review/Preview packet completed, they are not permitted to retake any assessments from that chapter.

    Review/Preview is assigned pretty much daily and below you will find some suggestions for how to make sure that assignment is being done.

    Parent’s Review/Preview Responsibilities:

      • Parents are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in making the Review/Preview process a success. Therefore, I ask the following of all parents:
        • Make Review/Preview (homework) a top priority
        • Try to designate a specific time and place for assignment completion
        • Provide praise and support, and don’t let your child avoid doing his/her assignment
        • Request that your child bring his/her math notebook home every night
        • Ask to SEE your child’s completed math assignment every night, which will show them you are serious about homework (rather than simply asking them if they did it)
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