• Brief History

    The city of Reading was founded in 1748 by Thomas and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn. In 1998, the city celebrated its 250th anniversary.

    Founded in 1741, Exeter Township was largely a farming community until the mid 1900's. Daniel Boone, the famous early American pioneer, was born in Exeter Township. His homestead is a state park. The homestead of Mordeci Lincoln, grandfather of Abraham Lincoln, is also located in our township. The Schuylkill River forms the southern border of our township. The Union Canal made the Schuylkill an important transportation artery from the 1840's to the 1860's. Today, Exeter Township is mostly a suburban community, containing many housing developments, commercial areas, and yet it retains some of its rural flavor. The Exeter Township School District was founded in 1849.

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