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    Naviance has many features for you to explore which will be helpful for the career and college planning process.  Below are some tips to help you take advantage of this valuable resource.


    To access Naviance Student, students will use your Exeter Login for User & Password



    • “supermatch college search:”  use over 20 criteria to find the schools best for you and save the results to return to at a later time.
    • “college match:”  Once you have entered criteria (test scores, colleges applying to, etc) this tool provides a listing of colleges looking for students like you and a list of colleges that are most likely to overlap with the colleges on your list based on where students often apply.


    • “explore clusters and careers:”  career clusters are a way of grouping careers with common features and skills. Careers grouped into the same cluster typically require similar education and training. Exploring clusters can be a useful way to find a good career match, especially if you have general areas of interest but are not sure what specific careers match those interests. Career clusters can also help you better understand how your coursework in school can prepare you for certain types of careers.
    • “roadtrip nation” interview archive:  a journey of self-discovery to help you figure out who you are and what you love to do.  After answering a few questions, you will be connected with inspiring video interviews from successful professionals.



    • Add the Naviance app to your iPhone. Scroll down to “official things” and click on Naviance Student mobile app. Download App, enter email to receive passcode.
    • Complete the “StrengthsExplorer” assessment:  78 short questions about your talents.  REMEMBER – this assessment may only be completed once and cannot be reset and your answers cannot be changed.
    • Complete the “Career Interest Profiler” assessment:  Answer 80 questions and learn about occupations that match your interests.
    • “resume:” Using the Resume Builder, you can provide information about yourself and rearrange your information into multiple printable versions that you can use for whatever you need! 
    • “game plan:”  this tool provides a series of questions  designed to help your counselor work with you to develop a game plan for achieving your goals after graduation. Once you have finished answering these questions, please click the “I am finished button.” You can update your answers to these questions at any time even after you indicate that you are finished.


    •  Your personal portfolio of surveys, college searches, and goals.
    •  Guidance may send you assignments to complete under the “Tasks Assigned to Me” tab.