• Important Reunification Information for Parents in Emergency Situations

     The Exeter Township School District Constantly reviews and enhances the All Hazard Plan in order to prepare as best as possible for handling many types of emergency situations.  Communicating parts of this plan with parents is a crucial part of this preparation.  In the event of an emergency (such as a natural disaster, chemical spill or other event that interrupts instructional activities) during the school day, students could be moved to a different part of the school or be evacuated to an alternative site to be reunited with parents.  Students will be well cared for by staff, and parents will be informed of the reunification site by ParentLink message that follows the emergency situation. 
    It is important that parents know and follow the necessary procedures and protocols so that all students can be reunited with their parents in a safe, systematic, and controlled procedure.  Staff, students, and parents must all be aware of their responsibilities since failure on any one group's part can significantly impact the timely reunification of families.
    During a parent/student reunification situation, students must follow several basic guidelines to be reunited with their parents.   Student must:
    • Remain in the student holding area.
    • Listen attentively for their name or the names of classmates near them.
    • Remain calm and speak in a reasonable tone so announcements can be easily heard.
    • Take responsibility for his/her own personal conduct.
    • Never leave the student holding area to look for their parent(s).
    • Let the staff know if they are NOT comfortable leaving with the person signing them out

    During a parent/student reunification situation, parents must follow several basic guidelines to be reunited with their children:

    • Make sure the student emergency contact information (as indicated on the "Student Emergency Information" form) is accurate and up-to-date.  Students will not be dismissed to anyone except parents, guardians, or anyone listed as an emergency contact.
    • Be prepared to produce a photo ID, preferably a driver's license.
    • Report where directed as indicated in the ParentLink message, sign in, and wait in the Parent Waiting Area until your child is brought to you.
    • Sign the student out.

    Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping students safe.