Curriculum Overview


          Classroom Management           outdoors

    • Daily Assignment Planner; Used for home/school communication, homework assignments, reading log
    • Read at least 15 minutes every night-write down title of book & minutes read
    • Punch cards; surprise inside box (incentive plan)Will receive punches for all completed assignments, parent signatures, reading logged in planner
    • Logical consequences/ school wide card system
    • Homework (usually math, handwriting, occasional project) Reading should be done every night
    • Missed assignments are done during recess or with a parent note, will be accepted the next day.

      Language Arts reading

    • Analogies & word of the day(vocabulary enrichment)                                                                                                                                 
    • Journal writing/free writing/prompts                                                              
    • Anthologies (short stories), poetry, plays, projects
    • Guided reading: small group instruction
    • Daily 5- CAFÉ (Strategies to differentiate instruction and improve reading)  
    • Be A Writer (Learning to write independently using literature to motivate)
    • Strategies for Close Reading based on Beers & Probst's signposts (provides a deeper understanding of text)
    • Cursive handwriting (Zaner-Bloser)
    • Spelling tests will be given bi weekly

             Mathhands on learning

    Investigations in Number , Data, and Space

    The curriculum is designed to engage students in                                   

    making sense of mathematical ideas.

    It is based on experience from research and practice.

    Each unit focuses on an area of content in depth, providing time

    for students to develop and practice ideas across a variety

    of activities and contexts that build on each other.

     Social studies/ Science   (alternated)                                                                     

    • Our Community                  Water                                                        
    • People in Communities        Earth materials
    • Communities at Work          Sound                        



    • Grades are found in Skyward                                                                          
    • Chapter tests, quizzes, reports, investigations                                                                      
    • Data collection: DIBELS, DAZE, FnP, writing samples, Timed tests
    • Observations; Working independently & cooperatively
    • Projects - home and in class
    • PSSA testing in the Spring