Materials needed for class (daily):
    1.    Math Binder (1 ½ to  2 inch wide) divided into 3 sections
    2.    PENCIL and ERASER
    3.    Ruler (6 inch should be fine)
    4.    Dry Erase Markers
    5.    Completed homework
    6.    Spiral Notebook of ¼ inch graph paper
    7.    and a GOOD  ATTITUDE  
    Students are required to have a math notebook.  This math notebook should be just for math class.  A 3-ring binder divided into sections labeled CORE PROBLEMS, HOMEWORK, and LEARNING LOG.
    Homework Policy: Homework is given nightly, but will not be included in the students’ grade.  Homework hints can be found on the CPM website and answer keys can be found on my class website and schoology.  The expectation is that students should complete their homework everyday as a practice tool, no matter if it is graded or not.  Questions regarding homework answers will be dealt with during the class time with your team members and the teacher. Remember, homework is a practice tool used to improve your skill level in mathematics. Practice makes PERMENANT!
    All work should be neat, legible, complete (SHOWING ALL WORK) and done in pencil.  Although working with a friend on an assignment is allowed, literal copying will not be tolerated. ALL homework should be completed in the homework spiral bound 1/4 inch graph paper notebook.
    If you are absent from school, you are still responsible to complete homework and work on core problems. It is the students’ responsibility to check the daily adgenda, Skyward, and schoology to see what was missed in class the day of the absence.
    Individual Test/Quiz Policy:  You have 1 (one) week to make up a missing individual test/quiz or it will turn into a zero.  Tests can be made up after school or during a study hall.
    Grading:  The student’s grade for this course is based on a point system consisting of graded classwork and assessments.  Remember, with Skyward you should always know your grade. There should be no surprises!!
    Behavior:   You have a CHOICE as to how you will conduct yourself in my classroom.  Make sure to choose wisely! The student is responsible for his/her thoughts, words, and actions.  Speak when appropriate, choose words that show that you are intelligent (not vulgar or crude), and act and speak after thinking a situation through (not in anger or retaliation).  The student needs to respect the rights and feelings of others in the classroom, including the teacher.  The school rules and consequences are used and applied in this classroom.
    TEAM WORK: This class is all about collaboration.  Working with members of your class on teams to understand the mathematical concepts and helping each other complete the given task.  You will be asked to work with many different classmates throughout the year and will be responsible for listening, sharing, collaborating, respecting, problem solving and helping each other to get the job done on time. 
    Help!!: Help is available.  My available times include after school until 2:50 pm (please make an appointment), before school (7am or later) and of course in class itself.   
    QUOTES to think about:
    “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” - Michael Jordan
    “All students are different; don’t compare yourself to others by your personal standards.  Learn to accept others as they are, not as you think they should be.”
    There is only one way to succeed in anything; give it your everything.