Be able to define or use the following words in a sentence correctly:

    Vocab Quiz: Unit 1 and 2

    geography            artifact                  prehistory           culture         Neolithic Revolution
    ziggurat                empire                  reform                 reign           polytheism
    Vocab Quiz: Unit 3 and 4

    Treaty                   colony                   monotheism                      province              social justice

    Civil War               democracy          constitution                        alliance                 philosophy

    Vocab Quiz: Unit 5 and 6

    republic                veto                       inflation               dictator                missionary

    county                  sheriff                    converted            lord                     peasant
    Vocab Quiz: Unit 7 - 8 - 9:

    Muslim                                 icon                     theology              feudalism            vassal                   

    Excommunicate                  heresy                  manor                 Renaissance       Reformation