• Exeter Township School District Volunteer Information and Application 

    The Exeter Township School District welcomes and encourages volunteers to share their time and talents with our students on campus and at special events taking place off-campus.  As a measure to ensure the safety of students and staff members, the Exeter Township School District requires that volunteers provide a copy of a current (less than 60 months old) Child Abuse History certification and Act 34, PA Criminal History clearance (if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the last 10 years,  FBI Fingerprints are also required.  Please use code 1KG6XN to register through the new vendor, Identogo.)  If you have had fingerprints done in the last 5 years through the old vendor of Cogent, please provide a copy of the "Unofficial Results" letter.  We no longer have access to the Cogent site to look up results with a PAE number so a receipt is not sufficient.  If you only have a receipt and no letter, you will need to go through the process again with the new vendor and provide the UEID number.
    Volunteers should submit all documentation (including copies of current clearances) as outlined in this FAQ information page from the PA Department of Human Services.   Also included in the FAQ document is information on receiving a fee waiver for clearances.  If you have accepted a fee waiver for your clearances, those clearances will not fulfill job-required clearances.  Those volunteers in direct contact with students for 10 or more hours per week must have a TB screening. 

    Prior to volunteering, completed paperwork must be submitted to the main office of the building where the volunteering will take place. The Board’s policy on Volunteers requires a signed acknowledgment to be included.  We have listed all related forms and documents below this letter.