To login to the SafeSchools site, go to the following address…  http://exeter.pa.safeschools.com/login
    You  will be presented with a login screen. Your username has been set up as your first letter of first name, first letter of last name, followed by your employee number. If your employee number has  leading zeros, please drop it. For Example:   John Doe 0001 would be jd1 or Jane Doe 1234 would be jd1234

    You will then be presented with a confirmation screen, please verify that your position and building are correct and that the correct name is listed in the welcome line. If the information is accurate, click Log Me In! There is no password!

    Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a mandatory, suggested, and view more courses. Click on the title of the course, and you will be taken to the course overview. Select each video segment to watch.

    For New PA Act 126 Requirements: Please review our district child abuse policy titled 806 - CHILD/STUDENT ABUSE then proceed to the three child abuse videos titled PA Act 126 part 1-2.

    During the video, you can use the navigation icons on the top of the video to play, pause, advance, rewind, or expand.

    SafeSchools Training Documentation