• Our Reading Assistants  

    These experienced ladies work with Mrs. Bitler and Mrs. Rothbard to provide extra support and reinforcement in reading.
    We are SO lucky to have these wonderful ladies supporting our students at Owatin Creek!  We couldn't accomplish what we do without their expertise and support!
    Mrs. Cooke

    Mrs. Ang Cooke

    Ang Cooke has joined the Owatin team as a reading assistant.  Ang has two boys.  They currently attend Jacksonwald and Reiffton.  She is active in the school APT organizations and the ECEF.  She will be helping support small groups of students in kindergarten through fourth grade.  Welcome to Owatin, Mrs. Cooke!  




    Mrs. Margaret Phyrillas

    Mrs. Phyrillas has been supporting students with reading since we were all at Jacksonwald! She works with students in kindergarten through grade 4.   Mrs. Phyrillas' children went to both Lausch and Jacksonwald.  She has two sons in college and her daughter teaches 4th grade at Owatin Creek!

     Mrs. Margaret Phyrillas

    Mrs. Tara Crawford

    Mrs. Crawford also works with students in grades kindergarten through 4th grade. She was a former kindergarten teacher at Lorane, before retiring to take care of her children.  Mrs. Crawford has a son at the JHS and a daughter at Reiffton. We are lucky to have her experience on our reading team!!