• fall 2  A chill in the air and rustling leaves on the ground. . .fall 2
    On Monday, November 18, 2019, the students will have their first AR (Accelerated Reader) check-in for the second marking period. A week prior, students will receive a copy of their AR report. This report indicates how many points have been earned. The day of the check-in I print a second report to use as a discussion point during the student/teacher conference. Students will have their current AR book and their student-choice rubric during the conference as well. Please ask your child to see his/her rubric. This check-in will be worth 50 points. Please see the Accelerated Reader Program page on this website for the dates of the other AR check-ins for the second marking period.
    ELA accelerated students have almost completed all the reading selections in Collection One - Bold Actions. I am projecting the Collection One test will be the week of November 18, 2019. Students will receive a study guide which includes concepts and skills to review. The study guide will also be availble on Schoology. After the test students will begin a final essay for Collection One; I am projecting this will be due prior to November 27, 2019. When the students return to school in December, they will begin Collection Two - Perception and Reality.
    ELA students in class 13,14,15 are reading selections from Collection One - Bold Actions. There are both fiction and nonfiction texts in the collection. Collection One will likley come to an end in December. At the end of the collection there will be a collection test and an essay.  
    Please check this website for updated information as the school year progresses. At any time, please feel free to contact me with questions and concerns.