• Course Policies:


    1.     Check Skyward frequently to ensure the accuracy of your grade and to stay updated on your progress.

    2.     Homework and class work assignments must be submitted on the due date at the beginning of class; late work will only be accepted one day after the due date, and at a maximum of 70% of the original point value. No assignments areaccepted after the beginning of class on the next day. If you are absent on a due date, the work is due when you are next in school. I will not remind you of late or absentee work, as you are aware of its due date.

    3.     Field trips, meetings, and lateness to class are not an excuse for knowing what was assigned and what is due.

    4.     It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher on the day s/he returns from an absence to make up any misseda ssignments and/or assessments. All missed assignments and/or assessments must be made up within three school days from the day the student returns from the absence.

    5.     Quizzes will be given on a regular basis for each chapter/unit, and may be given at any time. Study consistently and on a regular basis.

    6.     Exams will be given following each chapter/unit. Exams cannot be made up during class time.  You must make prompt arrangements with me to make up a test during a study hall or before/after school.

    7.     Labs/activities will take place numerous times throughout each chapter/unit and the student must be prepared with pre-lab materials and must follow safety regulations. Failure to do so can result in failure of the lab.

    8.     If you are absent during laboratory procedure please arrange with your teacher to make up the work.
    9.    Students who copy work from others, or who allow their work to be copied by others, are guilty of cheating.  A grade of zero will be given to all students involved if cheating is observed.  Parents will be called and the incident will be reported to the administration.

    10.  No food or drinks (except bottled water) are permitted in the classroom. This includes gum.

    11.  Electronic devices (iPods, cell phones, etc) should be OFF in the classroom. If they are out or ringing, etc, during class, I am required to confiscate them. Students will receive a ZERO if the cell phone is OUT during quizzes and tests.

    12.  All students must treat classmates and the teacher with respect, and you will be treated with respect in return. What you give to the class is what you get, so the more positive your approach is to your chemistry experience, the more likely it is to be interesting and rewarding.

     Class routines:

    1.      Please enter the roomq uietly, go to your assigned seat and get out your textbook, homework and notebook.  Class begins when the bell rings.

    2.      No one is permitted to the leave the class during the first and last 5 minutes of class.

    3.      Pencils, pens, textbook,notebook (with current notes) and paper should be brought in every day. You should not have to go to your locker for these things during class.

        4. Please start the introductory assignment on the board/overhead as  class begins.
        5.      The teacher determines when the block/period is finished.  At that time, please line up your desks; check the floor for papers, etc.


    Laboratory Rules:

    1.     You will be receiving a“Student Science Safety Contract” that you will be required to read ands ign.  These rules must be followed whenever you are performing  laboratory assignment.



    *Students are responsible for their own behavior and will suffer theconsequences responsible for their own misconduct.  (Consequences for in appropriate behavior arecovered in the Exeter Twp. Senior High Student Code of Conduct.)

    If the rules stated above are followed, discipline procedures will not be necessary.  If any of therules are broken, the following sequence of consequences will be taken:

    1.     Verbal reminder from me.

    2.     Individual conference with me to discuss the problem.

    3.     Phone call to parents to discuss the problem

    4.     Teacher assigned detention or referral to the Assistant Principle.


    Exception:  Unsafebehavior in the laboratory will result in the immediate removal from the laboratory setting and no credit for the activity.  Other consequences listed above will also occur.



    Students are expected to have a separate 3 ring binder for class notes and a lab notebook (lab notebook stays  in class, these are separate items).  A calculator with scientific functions is also recommended. Here is the set-up for notebooks:


    1. 3 ring binder to keep notes and assignments in order. Dividers will be useful to organize this material if you would like to sort everything (it will make studying easier) as well as scrap paper.
    2. Composition notebook for lab experiments. This is a necessity; lab notebooks will be left in the class box and graded for labs. The format will be explained later.


    *If obtaining a notebook is notpossible, please see me. We will work something else out.*