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    Language Arts

    • Reading Log- Please complete the Reading Log Monday through Thursday, sign and have your child turn in the log every Friday, or the last day of the school week.


    • Reading Homework- “Take home books” – Starting in late September or early October, your child will begin to bring books home to read. They will be placed in the plastic protective sleeve labeled Reading. Each book will be one that is on your child’s independent reading level. Accompanying the book may be a sheet with comprehension questions to answer and return or possibly an activity. If your child brings home a “Take home book”, please be sure your child reads the book and completes the comprehension sheet and/or activity if one is included. Please have your child return the comprehension sheet on the last day of the week. Please have students answer the questions in complete sentences. Your child may not bring a “Take home book” home each week.

                  *This “Take home book” may be used towards daily reading homework and recorded on the Reading Log.

    • Poetry- New poems will be added to your child’s homework binder at the beginning of each week. Some weeks your child may receive more than one poem. Please have your child choose a poem each night to read to you.  If the poem selected is too difficult for your child to read independently, you may read the poem to him/her. It is just as important for 1st graders to hear an experienced person read, as it is for them to read themselves.


    • Fundations (phonics) packet – The Fundations phonics program is divided into units based on specific phonics skills. When we begin a new unit, it is introduced in a whole group setting, and on the introduction day I will send home a unit packet with every child that separates the instruction for the unit into weeks, and it will describe the skills being taught. Weekly assignments are included in the packets.


    Fundations unit packets are intended for your child to get extra practice and have the opportunity to review at home.

                         The Fundations unit packets will be placed in the back pocket of the Homework Binder as each unit is introduced.





    Homework that is listed on the Weekly Homework Log will be placed in the protective sleeve labeled Math for you to find easily.

    Math homework is always due the day after it is assigned.


    Homework Log

    Week of 10/17/16