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  • I'm Frau Combs and I have taught German I, II, III, and AP.
    I lived in Germany twice and have had many wonderful opportunities to soak up the rich culture
    that German-speaking countries have to offer. I try to incorporate these experiences into my   
    teaching to provide an authentic, practical, and fun approach to learning. 
    Our German department proudly offers a unique exchange program called GAPP (German and American Partnership Program). Students from our partner school in Moosburg, Germany spend three weeks attending Exeter High School with an American partner. Then in the summer, we visit Moosburg. This invaluable experience not only allows students to enjoy the German language and culture hands-on, but builds lifelong friendships. 
    Please visit my Schoology page for more details about my courses. 
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         Zermatt, Switzerland
        "The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective." - Al Neuharth
       Elizabeth Combs
       World Languages - German
        610-779-3060 ext: 2222