• School District & Community Demographics 
    The Exeter Twp. School District is located in Berks County, 4 miles southeast of Reading. It sits within the boundaries of two political entities, Exeter Township and the Borough of St. Lawrence. Exeter is a suburban community with a population of approximately 27,711. The average income of our community members is $79,889, which is about 25% above the county average. 92% of our population are high school graduates, while another 33% have post high school degrees. 

    The Exeter community has seen rapid growth in its population during the past 10 years. From 2000 to 2019, it was estimated that the population grew 14.2%, and there is an anticipated population growth of another 10.53% during the next ten years. 

    The Exeter School District’s students score slightly above the state average on the SAT test in both math and verbal. We have a graduation rate of 90%, with approx. 70% of our students going on to higher education. 

    Exeter Twp. School District is made up of 6 school buildings and an Administration Building. Highlights of our buildings are as follows: 

    * The 3 elementary buildings include Jacksonwald, Lorane, and Owatin Creek schools. They are K-4 facilities. We also have a 5-6 Intermediate School, a 7-8 Jr. High and a 9-12 High School. 

    * The Jacksonwald Elementary School was built in 1937 and completely renovated and expanded in 1990. The Lorane Elementary School was built in 1959 and completely renovated and expanded in 1992. Owatin Creek Elementary School was completed in 2011.  The Lausch Elementary School was built in 1973, and is currently not used as a school.  The Faciltities Committee is currently considering recommendations for future use of Lausch.   The Reiffton Intermediate School was opened in fall of 2003. Our Jr. High was built in 1963 and renovated in 1996. The Sr. High was built in 1955 and renovated in 1994. Due to increased enrollment and program needs, the senior high underwent additional upgrades in 2003. All buildings have been wired for network services and all buildings are part of a wide-area fiber network.  
    Interactive Google Map.  - Type Exeter Township, PA in the search box to see Exeter borders, Type in St. Lawrence, PA to see the St. Lawrence borders.   The Exeter Township School District is comprised of Exeter Township and St. Lawrence Borough.