Welcome back to Accounting.  I am thrilled that you have decided to take Accounting II.  In Accounting I, we learned the basics of bookkeeping.  In this course, we will learn in depth accounting rules for various asset, liabilities, and stockholders' equity accounts.  If you intend on majoring in some aspect of business at the college level you will find that this course is very similar to the first accounting course that you will have to take as a business major.  I think that you will find that you will benefit greatly by taking this course.  Prior students who have taken this course have told me that this course helped them a great deal in college; while others in their class were struggling with the content they were able to keep pace.  Some of you many even decide to major in accounting in college.  This always excites me!  This is an excellent and challenging field and unlike many other career choices you will find that the job outlook is promising.  By and large, accounting majors do not have difficulty finding employment when they graduate.