• GoNoodle - One of the best sites I've found where a class adopts a character and then does short activity breaks along with the video and earn points the more they exercise next to their desks. Gotta take a look! 

    JAMmin' Minute-a 1-3 minute break for your students at their seats, some standing at chair, some sitting on chair.

    Short Classroom activity breaks- A collection of activity breaks to do in your classroom. Some tie in to Language Arts and Math. They require little to no set-up. Check back monthly. 

    Take them outside- Activity Breaks that can be done on the playground

    Fit kids - You'll find great activities for kids here—all on video, all easy to understand and all easy to implement.  These are all tied to academic areas. Be sure to check back often, they'll be adding more! 

    BRAIN BREAKS 1A Physical Activity Idea Place  for Elementary Classroom Teachersthat has short physical activity breaks that incorporate various subject areas. Brought to you by the Michigan Dept. of Education.

    BRAIN BREAKS 2- A second list of physical activity breaks for the classroom.

    Basic exercises and short relaxation ideas- Use for morning exercises or when your students need a break

    . We have used these in the past before PSSA tests.

    Short movement ideas- brain breaks 

    Brain Breaks 3 - a pdf. file that has 8 different quick classroom activity breaks

    You've gotta move- You’ve Gotta Move is an exciting, free, activity-based program designed and delivered as an engaging combination of dance, activity and music for kindergarten to second grade students.  

    Classroom based Physical Activities - a pdf. file with many great activity ideas from East Carolina University. They fit in well in the classroom and tie in with academics

    Children's books and physical activities to go with them- some books you might already read to your class with short physical activities to go with them.

    Language Arts and Math activity ideas- ideas from all over the internet that I compiled that use Language Arts and Math. These activities require a little bit more preparation than the activity breaks on this page.