• Guest Speakers at EJHS:


    2010: Megan Augustine, Penn Manor School District

    -Presentation on the dangers of social media


    - augustine@makkmedia.com

    2010: John Halligan

    -Parent of bullied son

    - http://www.ryanpatrickhalligan.org

    2011: Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia

    -Presentation/show on diversity in our society

    - www.walnutstreettheatre.org


    2012: Janene Holter, Office of Attorney General

    - Presentation on Cyberbullying and the Law



    2013: Detective Chaz Ballogh, Luzerne County


    - Presentation on social media and Consequences of Bullying


    2013: Bob Lenz, International Speaker


    - Life Promotions Presentation....Value, Courage, Respect


    - Lifepromotions.com 



    2014: Stephanie Grace, Boyertown Student 



    2015: Detectives Heather Calabria and Robert Heiden  


    -From the District Attorney's Office in Reading


    -Specializing in Cyber bullying 



    2017: John Halligan


    -Parent of bullied son


    - http://www.ryanpatrickhalligan.org



    2018: Joni Siani


    -Instructor, author, filmmaker


    -Presentation on Digital Socialization: How cellphones and social media impact your child's mental health. 



    2019: John Halligan


    -Parent of bullied son