• Socco and Slurpie Physical Activity and Health Stories
    Introduction:  "Socco and Slurpie" stories are each based on a parts of our physical education and/or health curriculum. I wrote them so that I could use them to introduce units, to have students perform actions done in the stories while I read, and to help students remember and enjoy the topics that I cover. The main characters are living gym sock puppets, one healthy and one who likes to slurp soda (Slurpie) who is trying to get healthier. As of today, 13 of the stories are published and two, "Socco and Slurpie's Best Ride" and "Socco and Slurpie's Christmas Vacation" are not yet illustrated. All of my books are available to purchase on Amazon.com. I read parts of some of them during P.E. class and then we act out what is in the books.
    My first story is "Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure" - The story is based on traveling (locomotor) movements such as skipping, hopping, etc. I also have a second companion book"Lost Chapters" which are pretend lost chapters from the "Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure" story. These are  used in P.E. in small groups with the students reading to each other and acting out the traveling movements. The main story is about a pirate looking for new ways to walk the plank. 
    My  third story is called "Socco and Slurpie Join the Circus" and the short chapters of the story are used before each lesson to highlight what we will be working on during our gymnastics unit. 
    My fourth story is availabe on Amazon as a paperback and is titled: "Socco and Slurpie's Giant Problem" and is a story of teaching a giant to throw.
    The fifth story is titled: "Socco and Slurpie in the Haunted School" and is a story based on the obstacle course we do in October.
    In no specific order the rest of my books are:
    "Socco and Slurpie- Beginnnings"- tells about how they first met, types of exercise, and the effects of exercise
    "Socco and Slurpie Cut a Rug"- about types of dance, ribbon moves, and moving to the beat
    "Socco and Slurpie Meet the Princess"- about types of dribbling and juggling
    "Helmets, Seatbelts, and Socks: A Socco and Slurpie Safety Story"- about the importance of wearing helmets on bikes and seatbelts in cars
    "Socco and Slurpie in P.E. Class" - about force, bouncing, hula hoop, rolling, kicking, and catching
    "Socco and Slurpie and the Giant Problem: SOLVED"- a continuation of the first giant story. Focuses on catching and a review of the types of throws.
    "What's In a Drink? : A Socco and Slurpie Health Story" - a story about the effects of alcohol, written in an informative, but fun way. (Includes Slurpie as a superhero)
    And a story without Socco and Slurpie:
    "Monster Mash-up" - a story about friendly monsters who enter a baking contest using a food from each food group. Mr. Ricketts, Mrs. Delewski, Mrs. Tareweicz, and Mr. Denunzio were all drawn as monsters in the story. As was Mr. Dewalt, a former Lorane art teacher and current Reiffton art teacher.
    Visit me on the web @sockstories on facebook and on my author page to read more about my stories and characters. Also check out my YouTube channel where I read the books along with my puppets.



    Below are two of the activities that I use in P.E. that are based on the "Island Adventure" and "Lost Chapters" stories:
    Physical Education Lesson Activities linked to “Socco and Slurpie’s Island Adventure”-by Mark A. Ricketts: 


    Activity used while reading “Chapter 2: Get Up and Move” from the Island Adventure book:

    Have students/children get up and act out the story-

     As you read in chapter about each travel, have the students/children perform each travel.


    Activity to use after “Chapter 3: Treasure” from the Island adventure book:

    Have everyone in the family create a map on an index card by drawing a line using straight, curved, and zig zag lines. Put an X at the end of the line. Give each family member a card and have them pretend to follow the pathway to the end. Then pretend to dig for the treasure. Then try another card. You can make as many treasure (pathway) maps as you like.



    Acting Out Additional Companion Chapter Stories If Available

    a.      Each group is given one of the companion "Lost Chapters" stories to “Socco and Slurpie’s Island Adventure” by Mark A. Ricketts:

      i.Chapter Zero   “Vacation Begins”- Walk, Fast-Walk, March, Twirl
    - Click here for sample
     ii.Chapter 2.1:   “Pirate Percy’s Crew Takes A Break”   – Jump and Frog Jump
    iii.Chapter 2.2:  “The Man Who Walked the Plank”
     - Crawl, Bear Crawl, and Crab-walk
     iv.Chapter 4:  “Pirate Percy Relaxes”   –Gallop and Slide Step
     v.  Chapter 5:  “Slurpie Remembers”  – Hop and Skip
     vi. Chapter 6:  “Socco Gets His Nap”  - Jog, Run, and Leap

    b.       Students who can read take turns reading, or group reads together, their group’s chapter as they stop reading and act it out each time a travel is mentioned by the reader. Click here to watch a class do this activity. 

    c.      As an alternative activity, teacher can read each book to the whole class as they act it out during different lessons (K-2nd grade )