1. "Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure"- 2013- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    2. "Socco and Slurpie's Island Adventure- Lost Chapters"-2013- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    3. "Socco and Slurpie's Giant Problem"- 2014- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    4. "Socco and Slurpie in the Haunted School"- 2015- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    5. "Socco and Slurpie Cut a Rug"- July 2016- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    6. "Socco and Slurpie's Giant Problem- SOLVED" -July 2016- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    7. "Socco and Slurpie Join the Circus" - 2014- by Mark A. Ricketts (me)
    8. Are You Ready To Play Outside? . 2008- by WIL
    9. Awful Ogre's Awful Day- 2001- by Prelutsky
    10. Barnyard Dance- 1993- Boynton
    11. Bear Snores On-2002-Wilson
    12. Can I Play Too? -2010- WIL
    13. Elephants Cannot Dance- 2009- WIL
    14. The Foot Book- Seuss
    15. Go Dog Go- 1986- EAS
    16. Go-Go-Go - 2000- Goldman
    17. The Gulps (available on Amazon.com)- 2007- Wells
    18. Hooray For Fly Guy- Arnold
    19. I Love My New Toy- WIL
    20. I.Q. Gets Fit- 2007- Fraser
    21. Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, The- 1986-Williams
    22. Loudmouth George and the Big Race- CAR
    23. Luella Mae, She's Run Away- ALA
    24. Oh the Things You Can Do That Are Good For You- 2001- Rabe
    25. Raccoon's Last Race- 2004- Bruchac
    26. Rodeo Ron and his Milkshake Cows- (Out of print but found it on amazon.)-2005- Clifford
    27. Run Turkey Run- 2007- MAY
    28. Something Big Has Been Here- Poem book- Poem "My Snake"- Prelutsky
    29. Today I Will Fly- WIL
    30. Wallie Exercises- 2011- Ettinger
    31. Watch Me Throw the Ball- 2009- WIL
    32. We're Going On a Bear Hunt- 1989- ROS
    33. You Can't Catch Me- DOY
    34. Any of my other Socco and Slurpie stories