• Physical Education Class Expectations

    Lorane School Expectations:

    1. Be Ready

    2. Be Responsible (and safe)

    3. Be Respectful


    Physical Education Procedures:

    1.      Students should wear sneakers to Health and P.E. class every day. Please hang a schedule on the refrigerator due to the confusing schedule. Please do not have them wear boots or sneakers without backs on them. If they do not want to wear sneakers all day, send along a spare pair for them to change into. Remember, for each day that school is cancelled, the schedule moves forward one calendar day.

    2.      Students should not wear a dress, sandals, crocs, or dress shoes on P.E. day

    3.      Your child will have physical education class approximately 40 times in a school year and 20 health classes plus 10 crossover 

             Health/P.E. classes for a total of 60 times in a school year with Mr. Ricketts. 

    4.      Physical education class lasts for 40 min. 

    5.      They should wear clothes that aren’t their best clothes on P.E. day.

    6.      Students should not wear jewelry to class.

    7.      Students are expected to actively participate.

    8.      If your child cannot take P.E. class, he/she should bring a note. Please limit parent notes so that students can participate as much as possible in class. If a doctor’s note is available, please send a copy. If a student can play at recess, he/she can take P.E. class. Any student who must miss P.E. class for more than one class time needs a doctor excuse. Repeated parent notes may cause Mr. Ricketts to ask for a Dr. note.

    9.      Please contact me with any questions or concerns and leave a voicemail and let me know when I can contact you. You can also email me at maricketts@exetersd.org . It is usually easier to contact me using email.