• Exeter Township School District Is E-Reader Friendly

    The district has approved specific e-ink devices that may be brought to school.  Students will not be able to connect these devices to the internet while in school, so digital books will need to be purchased and saved to the device prior to bringing it to school. 

    Devices are to be used in the classroom setting at the discretion of the teacher as not to interfere with classroom instruction.  At no point are these devices allowed to connect to any internet connection while in the school building or while riding the bus.  Students are responsible for securing their device at all times and adhering to district policies. 

    All policies, including the district technology acceptable use policy 815 can be found at on our policy webpage

    Prior to the student bringing the device to school, a parent must sign and return the permission form, "Bring Your Own E-Reader


    Below is a list of the current approved devices
    (links are to currently available models)

    Note: iPads, iPods, Kindle Fire, Nook Color/Tablet, and Android Tablets are NOT on the approved list for safety and security reasons.

    Barnes and Nobles E-reader Devices:
    NOOK Simple Touch™ with GlowLight

    NOOK Simple Touch™

    Kindle Devices (Original Kindle, Kindle2, Kindle DX (non 3g), Kindle 4(non-3g). 


    Kobo Devices- http://www.kobo.com/ereaders/ (PreviousBorders)
    Kobo Mini

    Kobo Touch

    Kobo Mini glo

    If there is a device that is not on the approved list that may be appropriate (e-ink readers ONLY) please email the technology staff at ereader@exeter.k12.pa.us  with the specific information about the device and we will make a determination if it is acceptable. Please include the following information: brand, model number, connection type (Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi/3g cellular internet), parent day time contact information, and email.