SAT/ACT Accommodations

    Students with disabilities who receive accommodations in high school may be eligible for accommodations for post secondary exams such as the SAT and ACT.




    If you would like accommodations for the SAT, follow these steps:

    1.       You should be looking at requesting SAT accommodations approximately 2 months before taking the exam.  The requests need to be approved bywww.collegeboard.com.  This can take as long as 2 months.

    2.      Contact the student's IEP case manager and request that a SAT Accommodations Request form be completed.  After the case manager completes the form, you will need to sign the last page of the form.  Your signature on this page allows Exeter to share the student's information with collegeboard.com.

    3.      Once the request form is completed and signed by your parent/guardian, the form should be sent to Nina Owens (Exeter's Transition Coordinator).

    4.      The Transition Coordinator will input the student's information intowww.collegeboard.com and provide any related documentation that the company requests.  Collegeboard will then review the request; along with the relevant documentation.  They will decide what accommodations are approved within seven to eight weeks. 

    5.       Once the accommodations are approved, CollegeBoard will send the student an eligibility letter stating what accommodations were approved and an explanation as to why any accommodations were declined.  In this letter, the student will also receive a 10 digit eligibility code.  This is a very important code that needs to be used during the test registration process.

    6.      After receiving the eligibility letter, the student should go onwww.collegeboard.comto register for the specific SAT test.  During this process, you will be asked to provide your 10 digit eligibility code that was given in your eligibility letter.  By providing your code at this time, you link your approved accommodations with your specific SAT testing date.  You may also register for the test before you receive your eligibility letter.  The letter will give you specific directions on how to apply your accommodations to a previously registered test.

    7.       After you have completed the test registration process, you will be prompted to print your exam entrance ticket.  This ticket will include your accommodation information.  Make sure you bring this ticket and your eligibility letter to the actual test to ensure that you receive your approved accommodations.




    If you would like accommodations for the ACT, follow these steps:

    1.       Go to the ACT accommodations website athttp://www.act.org/aap/disab/opt3.html

    2.      ACT offers three testing options.  Each option has its own application found on the web page. 

    o   Center Testing #1: Standard Time National Testing

    § Request thisonlyif you can test at a regularly scheduled national test center understandard time limitsand use either a regular type (10-pt.) or large type (18-pt.) test booklet, but require accommodations due to your disability. All scores achieved through National Testing are reported as "National." No details about any accommodations provided are reported.

    o   Center Testing #2 Extended Time National Testing (50% more time)

    § Request this only if you can test at a regularly scheduled national test center and use either a regular type (10-pt.) or large type (18-pt) test booklet, but require up to 50% more time due to your disability.

    o   Special Testing: Extended Time and Alternate Test Formats Available

    § Special Testing is designed for students who:

    ·   normally usemorethan time-and-a-half for tests (or use extended time only on writing    tests) in school,or

    ·   require testing over multiple days,or

    ·   normally use alternate test formats such as Braille, cassettes, audio DVDs, or a reader; or a computer or scribe for essays, and/or alternate response modes, (such as responding orally)or

    ·   are testing at an international test center and cannot use a regular type (10-point) booklet or test with standard time limits, or need accommodations the test center cannot provide. 

    3.      After determining which of the three test formats would be appropriate (if you are unsure, please consult the student's IEP case manager and Transition Coordinator), please print out the application from the ACT website (a PDF copy of the application is found on the right hand side of each test page).  Please fill out the information for parents and send the application to the Transition Coordinator so that the rest of the application can be completed and sent to ACT with the appropriate documentation.

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