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    Career Research


    www.smartfutures.org-This website is the home to the Keys2Work program that can be used to assess skills and interests.  The program allows the user to explore careers based on these assessed skills and interests.  Keys2Work also provides remediation activities in academic and vocational areas.  In order to access the program, the user needs an account set up through the transition coordinator. 



    www.personalitylab.org-Knowing about you can be very helpful during the career exploration process.  This website includes a number of short assessments that can relate the world of work to who you are.



    www.acinet.org-This is the website for America's Career OneStop.  It includes information in Occupations and Industries.  It also has information for job seekers including resume writing and interview assistance.



    www.berkscareerpathways.com-The Berks Career Pathways website provides information that allows its users to become more informed about potential career options.  Information includes: career exploration, career resources, college information, military opportunities, and workforce resources. 



    www.bls.gov/k12/-This website is the home for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This site provides updated career information based on specific interest areas.



    www.careers-in-business.com-If you are interested in the business field but you are not sure about specific jobs, this site provides information in all related business careers.



    www.askjan.org/job/index.htm -This link from the Job Accommodation Network takes you through the process of obtaining a job. It takes you through the job search, application, and interview process; providing helpful information for each step.



    www.gettinghired.com -This search engine allows you to search available jobs in specific areas.



    www.bls.gov/OCO -This link takes you to the current online version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  This site provides very specific information on different careers in their comprehensive database.



    www.onetonline.org -This website is for O*Net Online.  This is a very comprehensive website that includes career assessment tools and updated career information.



    www.pacareerzone.orgThis site provides career information specific to our home state.  The site provides assessment information, career exploration, and information for organizing your life after high school.



    www.vacareerview.orgThis site from Virginia provides some excellent career exploration activities.



    www.askjan.org– The classroom isn’t the only place where you can receive accommodations.  There may be accommodations that occur in the workplace that help you to be successful.  This website provides comprehensive information on what those accommodations may be and how you can access them.



    www.bestsampleresume.com– This site provides resume writing help as well as templates that can be used when you are writing your own resume.



    http://www.careerkey.org/asp/your_personality/hollands_theory_of_career_choice.html-During career exploration, you will hear about personality types and how they relate to the world of work.  This link provides insight as to what the various types are and why this information is crucial to the career exploration process.



    www.careervoyages.gov-Career Voyages is a website produced by ETA in partnership with the US Department of Education.  The site provides career information and choices on high growth industries and high demand occupations for varying levels of education or training.



    www.mynextmove.org-My Next Move is a website focusing on Career Exploration.  If you have specific career interests, it offers excellent up-to-date career information, training facilities, and future job outlook.  If you are a person who is just beginning the career exploration process, they have integrated a shortened version of the O*Net Interest Profiler that allows you to explore careers matched with your personal preferences.

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