• Congratulations to all who auditioned!  Please check the calendar for our first rehearsals and the parent meeting!


    Housekeeper TBA

    Butler TBA

    Handmaiden TBA

    Cook TBA

    Steward Chase PAinter

    Young Anna Molly Lubinow     (then Hidden Folk)

    Middle Anna Alison Applegate  (then townsperson)

    Anna Zoe Banks

    Young Elsa Kira Spencer  (then Hidden Folk)

    Middle Elsa Elizabeth West (then Hidden Folk)

    Elsa Becky Cherry

    King Agnarr Cody Manning (then townsperson)

    Queen Iduna Ava Strauss (then townsperson)

    Pabbie Danielle Russell

    Bulda Carter Watts

    Bishop Charles Jacoby (then townsperson)

    Kristoff Tanner Moore

    Sven Ella Miller

    Hans Danny Pack

    Duke of Weselton Luke Zawilla

    Olaf Cody Morgan

    Oaken Thaddeus Kidwell


    Townsperson/Snow Chorus: Johanna Jacobs, Mikayla Curry, Elizabeth Doughtery, Katelyn Lomnychuk, and Gillian Foster


    Townsperson/Hidden Folk: Paige Tavener, Cameron Casiano, Genivieve Himmelreich, Dylan Knauer, Lydia Smith, Rileah Geedey,  and Rylie McCarthy


    Townsperson/Snow Chorus/ Summer Dancer: Alison Keim, Kalie Mierzwinski, Alison Applegate, Riley McMonagle, Alishba Khan, and Ava Strauss


    Townsperson/Hidden Folk/Hygge: Sapphire Rosser, Sarah McCarthy, Eva Care, Christian Miller, and Maddie McCraw


    Music Files:

    A little bit of You - Young

    Snowman - Young and Middle 

    Let the Sunshine - 

    First Time in Forever

    Dangerous to Dream

    Love is an Open Door

    In Summer





    If you need to contact the director, please email Mrs. Malanios at theatremom1215@gmail.com
    Materials can also be found online at Exeter Music Association's website and Music Theater International's website.