• Family Fitness Events

    Join us at Owatin Creek Elementary School for these family fitness events.  Enjoy physical activity together as a family and create great memories with your children!
    Family Obstacle Course
    First and Second Grade Students

    Do you have a first or second grade student?  If so, please join us this fall for a fun-filled evening of family physical activity.  Enjoy an active evening with your family exploring an interactive obstacle course together!  Come prepared to climb, crawl, balance, jump, and move in a multitude of ways!  Please attend the session designated for your child’s classroom and be prompt, as directions will be given at the beginning of each session only and activity time will be limited to each session’s ending time.  Please wear your sneakers and dress appropriately for physical activity!  Looking forward to seeing you in October!






    A Celebration of the Arts
    Third and Fourth Grade Students

    Owatin Creek specialists present “A Celebration of the Arts” in February.  Families of third and fourth grade students are invited to come to the library to swap books, learn a new dance in the gym, and enjoy creating an art project in the art room.  Please come dressed ready to move and explore your creativity!