• Design Course Overview

    Grades 10,11, or 12

    Instructor:  Ms. Pinkerton


                    This course is designed for the serious, disciplined art student who would like to do advanced work in two and three-dimensional mediums.  The Design Studio course will explore these areas through the use of various mediums, techniques, historical and contemporary works and critiques. Students will connect the projects they design to the commercial industry in either mass market or a singular client type situation.  Students will be required to keep an outside drawing journal throughout the course. The Design Studio Course will include but not be limited to working with the following types of mediums and involving the students in the following types of activities.


                    Studio work such as:

    ·        Creating a sketch journal

    ·        Creating a textile/metal/beading mixed media custom creation

    ·        Transforming a shoe into a themed piece of artwork

    ·        Designing a decorative mirror frame

    ·        Creating a 3-dimensional tribute to an artist

    ·        Designing a morphing project


                    Mediums to be used:

    ·        Graphite/Charcoal

    ·        Colored Pencils

    ·        Assorted textile and stitchery products

    ·        Acrylic

    ·        Assorted metals and wire

    ·        Sculpt clay and other assorted materials


    Critical analysis:

    ·        Students will engage in discussion of various styles and genres of artwork

    ·        Students will participate in classroom critiques, evaluating works of their peers as well as their own.


    Historical and cultural perspectives:

    ·        We will take a look at the historical context of the projects that we will be working on as well as contemporary art works for insight and inspiration.  You will be required to do some written assignments and participate in classroom discussions, in addition to creating  works of art.


    Aesthetic analysis:

    ·        Students will debate questions such as “What is Art?” and “What is the meaning of art?”


    Grading:  Each project will have a rubric, which will break down each component of the project that will be graded.  Quality of the project, class participation, effort and craftsmanship will be among the components, which will determine each student’s individual effort.  Waste or destruction of materials will result in a grade penalty.