• Fundamentals Of Art II Overview

    Ms. Pinkerton


    During the course of the semester in our Fundamentals of Art II class, you will experience many different aspects of art more in depth.  You will have the opportunity to explore various mediums that you may have only touched upon in Fundamentals of Art I, as we create projects that are 2 dimensional as well as 3 dimensional.  Painting, drawing, pastels, bookmaking, clay and papier-mâché will be some of the mediums that you will have the opportunity to use during this course.


    You will be required to create and keep a sketch journal for the course, which will entail the completion of 10 drawings a semester.


    We will take a look at the Elements and Principles of Art and Design as well as historical context of the projects that we will be working on.   We will also refer to contemporary art works for insight and inspiration.  You will be required to do some written assignments in addition to creating your works of art.


    Grading:  Each project will have a rubric, which will break down each component of the project that will be graded.  Class participation, effort and craftsmanship and classroom maintenance will be among the components, which will determine each student’s individual effort.


    Students must have for class:


    • A folder or notebook to keep handouts in and paper to take notes (If you loose the rubrics that you are given and do not have it when the project is due, I will deduct points from your project.)
    • A pencil for class – I will give you one to start with.  Keep it in your locker.  If you loose it you will need to replace it.  You may want to bring a back up in – just in case.
    • Your student planner
    • A plastic lid or meat tray to use as a pallet
    • A large plastic garbage bag
    • You will also be required to bring in various material for projects that will be mandated in the project handout


    I do have aprons for you to use, however if you want to cover more of your clothing when we are using permanent materials you may wish to keep an old shirt or lab coat in your locker.