• Web Projects
             Throughout this course, students are asked to design Web Sites; manually coding, modifying images, and creating original graphics.  The thumbnails below show you a preview of what the Web Sites look like.  If you click on the thumbnail, it will open the students web page in another browser window.  Some of the Web Sites have newer web properties and may not work in all browsers, but will definitely work in Chrome or Firefox if you have them.  All Images and content were original to the student or modified in some way.  Enjoy!
  • Exeter Lacross Page       Vidcon Page

    Chris Revell - Exeter Lacrosse


    Zach Lilley - Vidcon Experience


    Philadelphia Aquarium   Naomi Bartabura

    Adam Vogel - Phiadelphia Aquarium


    Naomi Batubara - Batubara Design Company


    Megan Berney - Sweet & Sassy Bakery   Mann Co - The Game

    Megan Berney - Sweet & Sassy Bakery 


    Ozzy Hine - MANN CO.


    A Day To Remember   Zebra Turkey Fish Aquarium

    Chris Revell - A Day To Remember


    Curtis Lamp - Zebra Turkey Fish Aquarium


    South Irdis Aquarium Marissa Gottschall - Ambiance

    Alexa Liss - South Irdis Aquarium

    Marissa Gottschall - Ambiance


    Trendy Teens Exeter Soccer

    Curtis Lamp & Alexa Liss - Trendy Teens

    Derek Fullmer & Logan Bucks - Exeter Soccer


    Italian Village Atlas Aquatics

    Zach Lilley & Omar Imkhaoun - Italian Village

    Kyle Coleman - Atlas Aquatics Aquarium