• Assessment Mastery System


    About the system: The Assessment Mastery System is a system designed to aid students who test poorly (test anxiety), have a poor day of testing, or need a little extra time to master a given concept or procedure.  It affords students the opportunity to recover points that were originally lost on a quiz, a quest, or a test.  This is accomplished by completing homework assignments, revisiting concepts, extra practice, and extra studies in order to gain proficiency in each concept and assessment goals on a retest. It is my hope that this system will work as an incentive plan.

              I hope students will better stay abreast of their studies and complete all homework assignments in an effort to stay eligible for the program.  They will see that their efforts and preparation positively correlate to their success and understanding of assessed concepts.  They learn that they have ultimate control of their grade which is positively affected through hard work and perseverance. 

              Finally, I hope this process will reduce the stress level for those students who are anxious or nervous when testing.  It allows for a second chance to those who just have a bad day.  Finally they will be able to show their teacher how well they understand the concept(s) being assessed.


    Applications: Students may request an application after completing assessment corrections and all associated homework is complete.  Applications may be denied when requirements are not satisfied.



    • Cannot exceed three demerits for homework per marking period.

    • Cannot exceed three demerits for classroom behavior per marking period.



    • Correct the original assessment.

    • All homework assignments related to each section being assessed must be complete, shown or submitted to the teacher.

    • Verbally request application form from teacher.

    • Additional practice worksheets related to the concepts being reassessed must be completed and corrected.

    • Reassessments must be completed in room 001 during a study hall, before school, or after school.