• Frayer Model Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

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    This clip demonstrates the up-front work needed when introducing a new strategy as depicted here with the Frayer Model. Notice that the teacher takes the students through this strategy using the gradual release model: "I do, we do, you do".

    This explicit instruction begins with the "I do" using a a simple, known vocabulary word, "apple". This is so that the students don't struggle with a difficult vocabulary word, but instead focus their attention on how to use the strategy.

    The "We do" is the teacher and students working together on the strategy with a more difficult word.

    The "You do" is the students working either independently or in groups as the teacher facilitates and monitors student understanding of both the strategy and their new vocabulary words.

    Once this up-front work is done with any strategy (Frayer Model in this clip) that strategy can asked of students and they can quickly attend to the learning objectives because you have already explicitly taught the strategy.

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  • Word Wall

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    Word walls can be effective literacy tools that hold the potential for enhancing vocabulary learning with older learners when used in conjunction with effective instructional practices
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