• Third Grade Course Overview


    Third grade students are taught cursive writing.  We use the Zaner Bloser method.  As soon as the students have been introduced to all the letters, they will be required to write everything in cursive. Please encourage this at home.

    Intergrated Language Arts:

    The students are taught reading, grammar, writing skills, and spelling. We supplement skills using the basal series from Houghton Mifflin while implementing core instruction through The Daily Five consisting of read to self, read to partner, creative writing, and robust vocabulary word work; the writing program Being A Writer; and other resources, including many trade books for individual readers and small group reading instruction.  Students are asked to have with them, at all times, a book that they can read independently.  Scholastic News, a magazine from Scholastic, is also used as a supplemental resource.


    Addition and subtraction with regrouping and basic multiplication and division facts are taught this year, as well as multiplying larger numbers, money (change), telling time, measurement, geometry, and fractions through an new and exciting Investigation program.  Students will work together and independently to solve problems and master skills using strategies taught through the Eight Mathematical Practices.

    Social Studies:
    Map skills are reinforced this year. We also compare and contrast various communities, past and present, in the U.S. and around the world.  We discuss geography of places, as well as culture and history.  Basic economics and government functions complete this curriculum.


    We use FOSS (Full Option Science System) units to teach science.  Students investigate Water, Earth Materials, and Sound.  These units are hands-on for the students, involving experiments that engage them in the scientific process of discovery.  An additional unit on Health and Wellness may also be taught.



    The work assigned in class during a school day in which a student is absent is expected to be made up by that student. Notes will be written explaining any work that must be completed at home.  Please be sure to fill out and return the Homework Pals card so that assignments can be sent home with one of the students on the list.  Make sure you include more than one choice, and not only siblings. If you choose to pick up the work yourself in the office, please do so after 3 PM.  If you do not pick it up, we may find a student who lives close by to take the work home the next day if your child continues to be absent.

    Please have your child return the work as soon as possible after the absence.



    Students are expected to bring to school supplies as listed on the 3rd grade supply list.  Other items will be supplied when needed. Please have your child bring a library book daily so it is available for independent reading. 

    Donations of tissues would be greatly appreciated!