Make – Your – Own- Crossword



    1. You will need 2 pieces of graph paper, and a lined sheet of paper.


    1. Put your name on all 3 pieces of paper.


    1. Create a crossword puzzle using the information from chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16.


    1. You must have 20 questions/clues for your crossword.


    1. Write the clue on the lined sheet of paper, and then outline the boxes on one graph paper, as well as outlining the boxes and answering them on the other piece of graph paper. One is your puzzle, the other is the answer key.


    1. Make sure the words fit together in the puzzle and make sense. Look at previous puzzles I have given you for an idea of how it should look like.


    1. Make sure you number the square on the graph paper, and that they coordinate with the question of the same number.


    1. When you are finished, staple all 3 pieces together, in this order: Clues, puzzle, answered puzzle.


    1. Hand in for extra credit. If you do not finish by the time this class is over, you may hand it in according to the due date given in class. If you do not hand it in, it will not count against you, but keep in mind that there will not be many more chances for extra credit in the weeks to come.