A Letter From Ancient Greece

    Pretend you are a teen from Ancient Greece. Write a 15 – 20 (or more) sentence letter to a friend describing Athens or Sparta. Describe the polis in general, the rights and expectations of citizens; the polis is which you live, your schooling, and the government . Try to convince your friend that one is better than the other, so compare both city-states to prove yourself! Make sure to include facts you’ve learned in unit 4 -use class handouts, outlines, and the Venn diagram we did to help you.





    A Letter from Ancient Greece Rubric

                                                                                                              Points             Earned


    Describe the characteristics of a Greek city-state.                 2                    _______

    Explain at least 2 we talked about in the Venn diagram.

    Citizenship:                                2                       _______

    Describe the four rights citizens had and

    how they would apply to you (male vs. female) and

    what is expected of you as a citizen (2 duties). This

    is found in chapter 10, section 1.  

    Polis:                                2                       _______

    Describe the polis in which you live, choose between

    Athens and Sparta and describe the culture of that city state.

    Make sure to mention your general focus as a city-state. Provide

    details of what your life would be like as a boy or girl there.

    Education:                                2                       _______

    Describe what you would learn in school

    and some benefits of education. If you do not go

    to school, then describe what you learn in your daily life.

    Government:                                      2                    _______

    Describe what type of government your city-state has. Explain

    how it works and why your feel it is good for your city state.

    10 – 15 sentences (can be longer!)                          3                       _______

    Use info from chapters 9, 10, and 11

    Your letter makes sense and the content fits unit 4            2                       _______

    Remember, you want to convince your friend to visit or move to Greece!

    Total    15 _______


    Gods and Goddess Project


    We have just learned of the 12 gods and goddesses of Olympus. Using your notes and handouts, create a product that your god or goddess would be likely to sell. You must create an ad filled with information concerning your god or goddess, and relate the product to some of their characteristics.



    Apollo – god of musicàinstruments, bands, concerts, etc

            Zeus – god of weatheràumbrella or snow blower salesman

            Dionysus – god of wild animalsàsave an endangered species


    Each ad must clearly state the god involved, the product he/she is promoting, and reasons why they are a good match. You must include at least 3 details of your reasoning within the ad. Try to come up with a catchy slogan, ads today sell better when people can easily remember the brand.


    Finally, your ad must be done in color and as neatly as possible. You will be presenting your ad to the class.


    Grading Rubric (hand in along with project)


                      Task                              Total Pts              Earned Pts

    1.     clearly stated god or goddess            2                         _____


    2.     clearly stated product                       2                         _____


                3. 3 details of reasoning                           6                         _____


                4. coloring and neatness                            2                         _____


                5. audible voice                                         2                        _____


                6. full explanation of product                 2                         _____

                   and why the god is connected

                   to it                                             
                                                                     ________              ________


                                     Total points                       16                       _____


    Greek Travel Pamphlet

    Instruction/Rubric Sheet

    OHH – Miss Oakill



    The purpose of this assignment is to work together in groups to create a travel pamphlet about Ancient Greece that people in the Mediterranean world could use to find their way around. You will be responsible to identify, describe, illustrate, and advertise a variety of topics depicting Greek culture. Listed below are the guidelines that you will need to follow in order to successfully complete the assignment.





    1. Cover page

    -          Your pamphlet will need a cover that is colorful and eye catching

    -          It needs to have a clearly written title (what the pamphlet is called)


    1. Geography

    -          Your first topic to advertise is the geography of Greece

    -          Identify some important geographic locations (mountains, seas, peninsulas, islands, etc.)


    1. Citizenship

    -          This page will discuss the rights Greek citizens had and what was expected of them in exchange for those rights (you will find this in ch. 10)

    -          Describe the type of governments there (there are 2 types)


    1. The polis

    -          This page needs to describe what a polis is its purpose (E.Q. #1)

    -          Briefly describe the way of life in the cities of Athens and Sparta (compare/contrast) What was their general focus?


    1. Education

    -          This page needs to describe ancient Greek education

    -          Include and describe all subjects that were taught (this will mainly be in the section on Athens in chapter 10)


    1. Entertainment

    -          This page will describe the different types of entertainment in Greece

    -          Describe events like chariot hunting, bull leaping, the Olympics, theater


    1. Contributions

    -          This page needs to describe the six most important Greek contributions

    -          Use your notes and the book for help (E.Q. # 3)



    • Remember, this is an informational pamphlet that people can use to enjoy the ancient Greek world. Present the information in a clear and helpful tone. Keep the written parts to a minimum. They are brief explanations, nothing more. Use pictures to help illustrate each topic. Grading Rubric


    The following is how your pamphlet will be graded:


                                                                                                                         Points                             Earned



    1. Cover page; colorful and with title:                                2                         ______


    1. All 7 topics pages with pictures and

            written information:                                             14                           ______


    1. Focus of pamphlet follows guidelines by

            presenting all information in a manner

            which advertises the ancient Greek                        4                             ______

            world to people living outside of Greece



                            Total Points                                        20                        _______