AncientCivilizations Postcard

    Create a postcard from an ancient civilization on an indexcard.

    On theFront, you must include:

    1.   “Greetings From” and choose an ancientcivilization we have talked about in class: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia,Hebrews, Assyrians, Chaldeans, or Persians.

    2.  An image of a contribution or landmark from thearea you chose

    Ex.“Greetings from Egypt” with drawings of pyramids/mummies

    3.  The image must be colored


    On theBack, you must include:

    1.   Address it to someone (Dear Mom)

    2.  Write a short description of what is pictured onthe front. Explain its uses or importance, and how it is used today (if itstill is). This must be 5 – 7 sentences.

    3.  Close the message with your name – please printneatly.



                                                    Points                       Earned

    Postcard Drawing                        3                           ______

            -neatness counts

    ColoredNeatly                             2                           ______


    Descriptionon back                      5                           ______

            -5-7 sentences

            -neatly written



    TotalPoints                                10                           _______



    The ABCs of Unit 3

    Extra Credit


    Write a short, informative paragraph about a unit 3 term that begins with, or contains that letter. Use the top half of the page to illustrate your alphabet letter and term, and the bottom half to explain it. Your explanation must be 5 – 7 complete sentences. Make sure you state the civilization that you are pulling the term from in your explanation.

     For example


    N is for Navigation


    (cool illustration)


    (short, informative paragraph)



    Possible Points

    Points Earned

    The term is found in chapters 6 and 7 in the text.

    • The paragraph fully explains the term and its importance




    3 points


    The illustration displays effort, neatness, and color


    2 points




    5 points